Portable Plastic Greenhouse

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1. Product material: high-quality PVC, corrosion-resistant, and durable. Greenhouse cover size: about 143*73*195 cm/

2. The product is 100% waterproof, and anti-UV, so that your plant flowers can absorb more sunshine, and enjoy enough room to grow.

3. The walk-in greenhouse can keep the heat and prevent the cold so as to protect your plants from cold wind, cold wave and snowstorm, and offer more comfortable environment for them to grow.

4. The walk-in greenhouse is easy to move, and conductive to ventilation and sunlight transmitting.

5. Directly use the product by assembling the supports, or pairing with the iron frame. If your greenhouse is damaged, you can get a greenhouse just as a new one simply by ordering our cover which saves you a lot of money as well.


6. The product is only equipped with the plant cover. The iron frame is not included. Please check your iron frame size before ordering the plant cover.


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