High Yield COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – 600W 1200W 1800W

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This is for the grower looking for the newest LED technology – COB Full Spectrum LEDs

With a more efficient light,  your plants with produce larger, more resinous fruits than ever before.

Full Spectrum of light range for all growing times!

High Yields with Low Heat!

Made to last between 50,000 – 100,000 hours that’s almost 5-10 years of continuous light with never replacing a bulb!

Certification: CCC, RoHS
Warranty: 3 years
Wattage: 600W, 1200W, 1800W,

We also provide grow support as well with your purchase and can help you grow anything you desire! 

Let our experts guide you to the easiest, and cheapest way to grow high quality organic plants! We also can tailor our growing techniques depending on your situation and needs! 


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