8 Sites 2 Layers Hydroponic Grow nft

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Hydroponic growing system with 8 plant sites. Designed for classroom and home use. This allows for side-by-side experimentation and comparison. Developed with educators for educators. Curriculum offered separately.

1. 8 plant site
2. Perfect connection of holder and pipe
3. Advanced inner blocking design
4. Food grade material
5. S style flow
6. Water is inside the system so the plants can shelter water from sunshine.
7. Timer for Water Pump

Pump Voltage: AC 220V
Color: White
Material: Plastic
Size: 52x36x47cm/20.5″x12″x18.5″

Package Included (The water basket is NOT included):
1 * Holder and main pipe
8 * Engraftment basket
1 set * sponge
1 * Hose
1 * Water Pump
1 * Timer


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