500 Led Grow Light bulb


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This LED lamp is of high quality .
Energy saving so low power consumption with long life expectancy.
More Energy efficient than Incandescent, HPS and most Halogen Lamp.
Easy to install and operation just screw into a e27 socket
Low heat,no UV or IR light radiation.
Use indoor for plant grow.

-Led quantity: 500 SMD
-Color: Red:400; Blue:100
-Voltage: AC85-265V
-Power: 60 W
-Base type: E27
-Size: about 17*14cm(D*H)
Package including :
1 X 500 Led growing lights




Less than 400 nm: MchlorophyII absorption less, affecting the photoperiod effect, to prevent stem elongation

400-500 nm: (Blue) High absorption by chorophyII and carotenoids, big influence on photosynthesis

Blue Light: For plant growth and absorption. Can enhance chloroplast activity, to prevent spindling plant, But on the other hand, it will inhibition of photosynthesis, so that the plant need much blue light.

500-600 nm: Low absorption by pigments

600-700 nm: (Red) ChorophyII absorption rate is low, has a significant effect on photosynthesis and photoperiod effect

Red Light: For plant flowering and fruiting,Promote plant growth, germination, flowering, results. The most dominant role during adding color on the plants, accelerate photosynthesis.

More than 700 nm: Low absorption rate, stimulate the cell to extend, affecting flowering and seed germination


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