Carolina Reaper chili seeds x20 || WORLDS HOTTEST CHILI



How hot are they?

Official Guinness World Records Hottest Chilli
440 times hotter than JALAPENO

325 times hotter than TABASCO chili and
25 times hotter than a HABANERO Chilli
See the comparison in Scoville heat scale:

A Jalapeno logs about 5,000 on Scoville the heat scale and

A Carolina Reaper logs about 2,203,231!!!! (over 2.2 million)
If you are not ready DO NOT TRY this! Only for the Extreme Hot Chilli Lovers, not for the scary heart!!!

Carolina Reaper is the world’s new hottest chili pepper and can reach over 2.2 million heat units on the Scoville heat scale where the Law-Enforcement-Grade Pepper Spray is around 2 million only!!!!

More information don’t just believe me this is also on wiki

Carolina Reaper is presently the Guinness World Record Holder as the Worlds Hottest Chili Pepper averaging 1.569 Million Scoville Units and topping at an extraordinary 2.2 Million Scovilles.

A great deal of time, exertion and cost went into the advancement of the Carolina Reaper. Ed committed 4 years of testing at the Winthrop University in SC to approve the singing warmth level of this astonishing pepper. The Guinness World Record group had demanded Ed put his bean stew through thorough, costly lab tests the aggregate cost to Ed has been over $19,000. The Carolina Reaper will now stand out forever as the Worlds Hottest Chili because of Ed and his group.

The Carolina Reaper looks great, tastes great and the warmth will thump you over. It has a fruity sweet smell and the taste is of chocolate and cherry.

note: comes with germination and growing instructions


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