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dark varieties are a great way to make your tobacco for cigarettes stronger but don’t use to much and record your findings they are also good for pipe blends and cigar typically calls for at least 1 or 2 types of dark tobacco in my experience the size of the seed packs is 200 seeds each and obviously packaged different bags the instructions will be available soon but I also send the seeds with a print out of how to grow them

the size of the seed packs is 200 seeds each packaged in different bags often it’s closer to 300 seeds

the instructions are available on my website free of charge just add them to your order or get your free copy as no purchase is required for this

but basically for successful growing never put any soil over the tobacco as they do not germinate much if you do. use a misting spray bottle to add water if needed I wet the soil prior to applying the tobacco seeds and do my best to distribute over the area as thin as possible my suggestion on this would be to sprinkle the tobacco over a white plate and spread over an area and then dab your finger over a small amount and dab your finger with the tobacco in the centre of each cell repeat until each plot is done and label before you go to the next as they look almost the same and it’s very hard to tell the difference 

for how I pack these seeds please refer to an old video I have made up still the same process with a few more layers of security to make it even more inconspicuous so of course, these are shipped stealthy  

Video will be coming here

for help with your order please don’t hesitate to contact me either through the skype chat embedded if I am available or

but don’t be fooled all tobacco is really easy to grow once you know what you are doing tobacco is actually a really easy type to process no flue-curing is required for the best results and an extremely low suckering although they still get them just pluck them off as you would with tomato plants etc

on a harvesting note don’t harvest to early just wait for the leaves to droop more than usual and give a light bend it should snap very easily if it doesn’t snap like a stick of celery with ease then its not ready and wait if it does you will need to hang them to brown or you will have green raw tobacco that will never be 100% no matter how long you wait I just use twine and run runs in my shed and use paper clips to pierce the stem and hold them on the twine and have a fan in the immediate area circulating the air around them

if you do everything right you should have enough time to get 2 lots of crops in the season I prepare the seeds about a month to even 1.5 months prior to the last frost then I will just grow them potted indoors until the last frost you will need large pots for this as they do have a huge root ball but you will have a plant about 1 foot in height so a 3 to 6-litre pot per plant should be sufficient then I gently transplant and don’t bother disturbing the root ball of the tobacco

the plant should not need that as they are rather strong at this point but be sure to harden the plant before transplanting them by for 2 weeks taking them outside during the day and bringing back inside at night tobacco need lots of nutrients in the off-season I will mix in blood and bone cow manure approx 60% of the total amount 30% chicken manure and about 10% horse and about 50% of that amount will be straw pea or any other is fine manure do this immediately after the final harvest to give it the rest of the year till the following season to decompose and all egg shells I crush up and sprinkle over to add calcium to the soil this will help you achieve a great crop for many many years to come and have very healthy crops this will also work for the rest of your vegetable crop and just mix that through before the next crop is planted worth a hoe or matic I usually mix that through the first 1 ft of soil it may be smelly when you do it but after a week there is absolutely no smell well maybe if you choose to put your nose up to it but other than doing that you won’t notice a thing

Also if you are after a particular flavour like the brands off the shelf there will be a product coming but in the meantime please just email me and we can arrange that as we had them as an option in the past but I got hit with legal action if I didn’t take it down so ill be adding these in a slightly different way that I am still figuring out a clear process to have that as an option again


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